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Resolving Issues Respectfully at School - this information sheet provides ideas about how best to make contact with the School in order to respectfully resolve any issue that may arise.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In 2015, the National Secondary Schools Computer Fund (NSSCF) project came to an end for all schools, and we are now entering an exciting new phase of BYOD. 
As the Federal Government funding model for computers in schools has changed, money that was once available to provide 1:1 computer access to students has not been renewed.  In coming years, there will be a limited number of school-owned computers available for student use BUT these will decrease as current computers reach their end of life.  As time goes by, it will become increasingly beneficial for students to have their own computers that they bring to school.
How is BYOD happening at Kingaroy SHS?
·        In 2017, Year 10 and Year 11  students can opt in to BYOD
·        Year 12 students will be invited to opt in but only after Year 10 & 11 students’ devices have been embedded; may not happen until approximately mid-year.
·        They will need to provide a machine that meets the minimum specifications (information provided in the school BYOD  documents)
·        Students who do not wish to take part in BYOD will have the choice to take part in the school provided take home laptop program, or hire a laptop out each day from the school. Information on these is available from the front office.
If it is of assistance to you, the school has also arranged for BES and Data#3 to set up purchasing portals with options for devices that fit the specifications for our school (on the following page). These businesses are not in any way connected with the school, the portals have only been created as another option to consider when purchasing. Please note that these are presented as an option only, there is NO compulsion to use this service.
Local shops and providers in the Kingaroy area have also been notified of these specifications.
All enquiries should be directed to
In order to take part in BYOD, students take their permission form (available at the Front Office or below) and receipt of payment/payment plan confirmation to Mr Henderson in F10 and arrange a time to take their laptop in to be BYOD connected.