Bring Your Own Device


Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD) 

  - $220 Student Resource Scheme + Cost of BYO Device

  • Option of any device that meets the appropriate subject requirements
  • Requires enrolment in school's BYOD program to access network, internet and printing
  • Limited support from the school around upkeep and software. No repairs by school on these devices
Kingaroy State High School is a Bring your Own Device (BYOD) School.  Our goal for the program is for students to use these devices as a tool in every class to support key processes in learning - accessing, organizing, processing and publishing information, collaboration, creativity and communication, and for teachers to use them as an environment to facilitate deeper engagement in learning and higher-ordering thinking.

Kingaroy State High School's BYOD program operates on a minimum-specification model, which means that no single make of device is preferred over another. Provided the device meets the minimum specifications, your student's device should connect to the school's technologies and allow your student to access online curriculum resources.

The use of a BYO device and participation in the school's BYOD program is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the Digital Technologies and BYOx Link Acceptable use Agreement document. 

Choosing a device - Online Portals

To assist you in purchasing a device for your students, major computer vendors have worked with our school to provide information through purchasing portals.  These portals allow parents to purchase the devices at discounted education prices and may include interest free payment plans and other arrangements to suit any budget. The school does not endorse or recommend any particular brand of device and parents are free to choose to purchase from any vendor of their choice.

ACER portal guide External link

HP portal guide External link (Access Code KingaroySHS)

One Education External link

Connecting to the school network

BYOD connection to the school network is through BYOx Link, a purpose-built system for Queensland state BYOD schools.  It provides a secure, efficient platform that enables Bring Your Own Devices access to internet, mail and learning resources on the school network.

To use the new BYOx Link service, students will need to enrol their device into the Microsoft Intune Company Portal.  Devices can be prepared at home by following the relevant help guide for your Device operating system (Windows, MacOS or iOS)

Before you begin, please ensure you have completed the Pre-Enrolment checks

BYOxLink How to guide to connect a student's iOS device

BYOxLink How to guide to connect a student's MacOS device

BYOxLink How to guide to connect a student's Windows 10 device

BYOxLink How to guide to connect a student's Windows 11 device

YouTube how to videos are also available.

Get your BYOD Windows device ready for School External link

Get your BYOD Mac device ready for School External link

Get your BYOD iPad device ready for School External link 

Office 365 software

All students enrolled at a state school (from Prep – Year 12) can access Microsoft Office 365 software free of charge.  If your device does not have the Office programs installed, or if your software subscription has ended, students can log into Microsoft Online via External link using their school email and password to download and install the Office programs.  Click on the links below for instructions on downloading and Installing Office 365 for Windows and Mac.

Install Office 365 on Windows   

Install Office 365 on Mac 

Note:  the program downloads are quite large and will take some time to download.  For those who have no internet connection or poor Internet connectivity, the school can provide the Office 365 suite to students via USB.  Students are requested to see the school IT technician to take advantage of this option.


Student Resource Schemes - Participation Agreement Form

Last reviewed 27 October 2023
Last updated 27 October 2023